Endpoint Protection

Reduce the risk of clinical trial failure during COVID-19—and beyond—with continuous, scientific protection against threats to your study endpoints.

Protect your clinical endpoints.

Clinical trial validity: A rising concern

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted the clinical trial landscape. Studies are shifting from physical sites to virtual environments. This change has significant scientific and operational implications that cannot be solved with technology-based solutions alone. Each clinical trial has its own protocol-design challenges, which are amplified when trials are conducted virtually.

Accordingly, operational changes must be informed by the scientific implications, not the other way around. This requires a unique, scientific, and comprehensive solution aimed at assessing and protecting study endpoints.

Continuously protect against threats to your study endpoints
Navigate the complexities of scientific innovation
Uncover a new standard for data quality in an increasingly decentralized trial world

Clinical expertise, scientific knowledge, trusted solutions

WCG has a purpose-built solution to continuously calibrate, prevent, detect, and correct threats to study endpoints. It enables you to:

Site Selection

Gain access to an in-depth view about current site activity and its implications for study endpoints.

WCG’s site intelligence services allow you to make smarter strategic decisions. Real-time metrics and benchmarking help reduce uncertainty and identify high-performing sites–all in an effort to speed your clinical study.

Site Selection

Remote Assessments

Collect data remotely or on-site with HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant audio/video technology.

WCG’s Remote Assessment system ensures comparability of data collected pre- and post-COVID-19. This minimizes variability and allows sponsors to maintain scientifically valid data.

Remote Assessments

eCOA/ePRO Platform

Establish and maintain the quality of your patient- and clinician-reported outcomes.

WCG’s evidence-based platform integrates clinical and scientific expertise with adapted technology to reduce error rates for study endpoints.

eCOA/ePRO Platform

Study Insight Analytics

Pinpoint and analyze anomalies in clinical trial data collected remotely.

WCG’s Study Insight Analytics combine statistical process control and other analytical techniques with real-time human expertise. This approach provides insights and actionable recommendations, allowing sponsors to address data-quality issues and protect study outcomes.

Study Insight Analytics

Timely, Targeted Interventions

Deploy comprehensive training and mitigation steps as soon as errors and anomalies are identified.

WCG’s portfolio of tailored, evidence-based interventions mitigates the risks of bias, variability, and human error in clinical trials, particularly those with subjective endpoints. The result: better caliber of data, clearer signals, and enhanced study success rates.

Timely, Targeted Interventions

4 Layers of Defense Against Increased Variability & Measurement Error

Though decentralized and hybrid trials are propelling study conduct forward, technology-based solutions alone are not enough to defend against increased variability and measurement error. Scientific validity and operational feasibility must be ingrained in every aspect of a clinical trial.

Chart of Endpoint Protection steps.

Continuously Protect Your Study Endpoints During COVID-19—and Beyond

By continuously protecting primary and subjective endpoints, sponsors can rest assured that the variability of their clinical trial data will be thoroughly minimized. Whether you’re pursuing a traditional, remote, or hybrid clinical trial, our purpose-built solution addresses the most significant threats to sponsors’ clinical endpoints, particularly during a time of acute vulnerability.

A Roadmap to Success

Our Endpoint Protection solution gives you the tools to:

  • Establish the baseline quality of your patient- and clinician-reported data
  • Virtualize your scales with tailored, scientific rigor
  • Implement a detection mechanism to pinpoint study outliers
  • Clinically assess and analyze incoming data
  • Deploy targeted interventions, informed by actionable insight.

For more than 25 years, in over 500 global studies, WCG has instilled the highest scientific validity and operational excellence into every program. Each service is tailored to minimize data variability, thereby reducing the risk of inconclusive, unsalvageable studies.

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