Site Enablement for Sponsors & CROs

Connecting sponsors and CROs with advanced solutions to optimize sites for faster clinical trials.

Accelerate your trials and reach your study endpoints faster with our site enablement solutions

Complex protocols, increased demands for data collection, and ongoing pressure to achieve study endpoints faster are putting increased burdens on clinical trial teams. Each trial has its own concerns, and understanding each study’s unique characteristics is critical to identifying the areas that commonly contribute to study delays.

To enable studies to reach endpoints faster, WCG offers a set of comprehensive and integrated solutions to accelerate research activities at sites and conduct your trials more efficiently. Powered by advanced technology, scientific and operational expertise, and our proprietary healthcare data set, WCG Data Intelligence, our Site Enablement solutions are designed to identify study bottlenecks, activate sites faster, and accelerate enrollment.

For starting and conducting your studies as efficiently as possible, WCG offers: 

WCG Site Network

Increase the variety of sites available for your studies while also minimizing the budgeting and contracting timelines during study start-up with our network of 350+ clinical trial-ready sites.

Rater & Protocol Training

Delivered through WCG InvestigatorSpace®, training includes rater qualification, scale-specific didactic and applied learning, and rater certification, with live and on-demand protocol training modules for investigators and study staff.     

Study Advertising

Leverage personalized and cost-effective advertising services to quickly pinpoint qualified candidates for your studies.

Participant Identification & Recruitment

Identify and match the right participants to the right studies with comprehensive chart review, AI natural language processing, referral provider networking, and community outreach services.

Participant Engagement & Retention

Personalized support to improve participant visit compliance at your study sites, boost participant retention, and foster trust between your sites and participants.

Study Administration Support

On-site and virtual research professionals who provide administrative support and other customized solutions depending on a site’s needs, including data entry, query resolution, and more.

My Patient®

Gain insight into the referral tracking process with recruitment funnel metrics and reasons for patient disqualification for study and site adjustments in near real-time. 

Safety Notifications

Manage critical and regulatory-required patient safety notifications to Principal Investigators through WCG InvestigatorSpace. 

Benefits of partnering with WCG:

Deep Expertise

WCG experts have deep experience in every therapeutic area

Actionable Insights

Power decision making with WCG Data Intelligence, the industry’s largest clinical trial data source

Trusted & Proven

Key partner for 95% of all FDA-approved therapeutic agents in 2022

Benchmark site performance for your study

Interested to see how the investigators in your current or planned studies match up against the historic performance of all available investigators for the therapeutic area of the study?

Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG. We’ll share benchmark data from the WCG Knowledge Base, analyze your results, and share some of the common practices of top performers.