Site Feasibility

Find the most qualified sites for your clinical trial faster by leveraging data from the world’s largest repository of historical performance records for sites and investigators.

Dramatically speed clinical trial site selection—and your path to market.

If you’d like to overcome the obstacles to finding and engaging the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites, consider WCG’s Site Feasibility service.

WCG Site Feasibility helps you rapidly identify sites specifically qualified for your study, because we recruit using sites’ historical performance—enrollment, experience and results—in clinical trials.

It adds up to significantly faster site selection, study activation and time to market.

WCG’s Site Feasibility helps you activate productive sites faster than any other strategy.

If your goal is rapid, insightful selection of high-quality sites for your clinical study, WCG offers compelling benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Site Rankings

WCG’s platform allows you to precisely rank more than 220,000 investigators in 130 countries based on 20 years of historical participant recruitment rates, compliance history, therapeutic specialization, study experience and results.

Site Surveying

WCG’s Site Feasibility clinical trial site surveying tool helps you achieve extraordinary accuracy and cooperation from leading sites—ensuring faster qualification and a smoother, more productive relationship throughout the study.

Flexible Functionality

Depending on your needs, the site feasibility service can be acquired as a stand-alone application that you manage or provided as a service with survey development assistance and call-center follow-up to optimize response rates.

WCG helps you find, choose and activate the world’s most qualified sites globally.

WCG’s Site Feasibility service gives you access to the largest repository of historical performance records for sites and investigators. This helps you identify sites most likely to generate the number and quality of participants you seek, as well as those that offer desired therapeutic competency and the clinical integrity and efficiency your study requires.

In addition, the WCG Site Feasibility service uses a configurable digital tool that allows for more rapid development of clinical site surveys, more precise information results matched to your study, easier-to-answer surveys and greater, faster cooperation from potential sites.

Perhaps even more importantly, this surveying tool permits close, step-by-step visibility of the entire qualification process, allowing you to manage and expedite it in real time.

Ultimately, the WCG capability means you work with fewer, more effective sites, study results are more reliable, costs are lower and you stay on schedule—often shaving months off the clinical trial cycle.

Benchmark site performance for your study

Interested to see how the investigators in your current or planned studies match up against the historic performance of all available investigators for the therapeutic area of the study?

Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG. We’ll share benchmark data, analyze your results, and share some of the common practices of top performers.