Study Advertising

Leverage personalized, cost-effective study advertising services to quickly gather qualified candidates.

When your time-sensitive clinical trial needs more participants than your site can provide, it’s time to engage WCG.

Is your site’s known participant database insufficient in meeting your study’s requirements? Is time pressing? WCG’s Study Advertising solution gives you the media resources and clinical trial marketing expertise necessary to keep participant recruitment on schedule.

No matter what the therapeutic approach, we provide an unmatched experience in devising high-impact media and community marketing.

We stand behind our commitment of cost-effective solutions with optional performance-based pricing. You only pay for the results you’re seeking: enrolled participants.

Field-tested clinical trial marketing & media outreach strategies that speed your enrollment

Enrollment shortfalls stem from a variety of challenges: special or limited participant populations; recruiting from difficult geographical locations; or simply unforeseen delays.

We understand that clinical study time is precious. WCG stands ready to respond rapidly to your particular circumstances and apply the most targeted and cost-effective media outreach strategies available to immediately generate a flow of qualified participant candidates.

Depending on your study parameters, WCG can develop appropriate and customized broadcast, print, and/or digital campaigns including social media. Our impactful creative strategies have been honed over nearly two decades to generate exceptional responses.

Delivering affordable participant enrollment results

We offer your study unmatched recruitment expertise to ensure exceptional enrollment speed, high candidate quality, and cost-effective performance.

As we begin generating participant interest for your trial, the staff at our Patient Interaction Center®—a proprietary, 24/7 call center—fields queries from interested participants, informs them via an IRB-approved script, then sensitively screens, qualifies, and readies them for enrollment.

Additionally, our approach is accountable. Using My Patient®, WCG’s web-based CRC workflow and participant management solution, you’re able to monitor every stage of your site’s participant identification and recruitment progress—in real time at the most granular level possible—so you always feel in control.

Built-for-purpose, high-impact media and clinical trial advertising solutions for your studies

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