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Statistical Consulting

Our statistical consulting services enrich clinical development plans for sponsors who need additional statistical capabilities. This includes protocol and trial design, statistical analysis plan development, and statistical oversight and guidance.

Trial Design & Protocol Planning

Our clinical, medical, and statistical experts improve the quality of your study design, ensure you are identifying the right patient populations and endpoints, reduce the frequency of protocol amendments, inform your decisions, and increase the overall validity and quality of your studies.

Data Monitoring Committee

Our managed Data Monitoring Committees deliberate over un-blinded data to provide recommendations on how trials should proceed. Our streamlined approach ensures patient safety oversight and effective decision-making.

Important Resources

How WCG Statistics Collaborative Helped Breakthrough Therapy Obtain Regulatory Approval

Biostatistics and Biomarkers for the Reliability and Efficiency of Clinical Trials: A Conversation with Dr. Janet Wittes

Statistical Concepts in COVID-19 Clinical Studies: Understanding the Design of, and Data from, Randomized Trials

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