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Better control. Improved oversight. Simplified workflows.

Independent sites need accurate information and enhanced reporting in a streamlined workflow. Managers want improved financial and regulatory oversight for better control. Because patients are the number one priority, coordinators want to spend less time on administrative work and more time with patients. These challenges offer opportunities to optimize your research program.

What if you could have the platform trusted by prominent U.S. research sites – packaged to meet your budget? Imagine having gold-standard clinical research management system (CRMS) technology right-sized for your site. Replacing spreadsheets with cutting-edge technology increases accuracy and efficiency, while detailed reports enhance financial and regulatory oversight.

WCG Velos eResearch™ eXpress is a pre-configured SaaS version of the industry-leading WCG Velos eResearch solution, an enterprise platform trusted by leading research sites and embedded with best practices. You gain the benefits of proven CRMS technology packaged to meet your program size. Less time and frustration dealing with spreadsheets means enhanced patient-centricity, increasing trial success.


increase in financial performance


increase in productivity


less time spent on data management

The perfect CRMS for independent clinical research sites managing 50 or fewer studies

What if you could replace your laborious spreadsheet workflow with a more accurate, efficient clinical trial management system?

Streamlined Operations

Replace laborious, inaccurate spreadsheets with a proven system. Gain control across the clinical trial lifecycle, from start-up to close-out, for increased operational efficiency.

Financial & Regulatory Oversight

Verify financial feasibility for each study and provide prompt, accurate invoicing. Ensure regulatory compliance to avoid penalties and support audits. Gain a 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA compliant system plus an eBinder solution through our Florence offering.

Coordinator- and Patient-Centricity

Obtain a comprehensive study calendar with simplified workflows. Record visits, get timely notifications, track missed/upcoming visits and reduce deviations. You’ll streamline patient registry, scheduling, monitoring and follow-up while improving patient safety with accurate, consistent information and reporting.

Why choose WCG Velos eResearch eXpress?

Fast and user-friendly implementation of this turnkey, cloud-based platform can take place in just days. You’ll sustain your research program with proven, gold-standard technology – packaged for your budget. Your team can spend more time focusing on recruitment, patient care and engagement to optimize trial success.

WCG Velos eResearch eXpress offers measurable benefits:

  • Increase productivity by 5x
  • Cut data management time by 30%
  • Reduce protocol deviations
  • Achieve more timely billing

Growth Opportunities:

Enhanced efficiencies and better oversight lead to success and opportunities to grow. As your program expands, upgrade to the WCG Velos eResearch enterprise system for additional functionality, such as system integration and a unique portal for patient engagement. Leverage more WCG Managed Research Solutions for staffing and other resources designed to help you outmaneuver the market and outperform the competition:

  • Increase trial study starts by 38%
  • Reduce start-up timelines by 37%
  • Boost financial performance by 21%
  • Increase enrollment by 44% and retention by 29%

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