Safety Reporting

Harmonizing safety letter distribution for a seamless site and study experience.

Eliminate duplication, achieve inspection readiness, and meet the specific needs of your study across sites under one unified platform.

WCG’s InvestigatorSpace® provides a seamless experience to further reduce burden on sites and study teams while leveraging the best-in-class technology for clinical research.

Increase efficiency and communication

Manage global regulatory complexity

With built-in distribution rules for more than 125 countries, InvestigatorSpace sends safety reports instantly, to the right person, at the right time. Distribution is always in alignment with local laws and regulations, and compound-level across studies.

Eliminate significant wasted time and money

InvestigatorSpace prevents over-reporting and eliminates the burden and costs associated with over-distribution.

Reduce site burden

Eliminating duplicate and unnecessary reports through automation makes critical safety information easy to find—minimizing Investigator training time and increasing patient safety. InvestigatorSpace decreased un-required reporting up to 66% on average, guaranteeing that your sites get what they need when they need it.

Maintain constant “one-click” inspection readiness

InvestigatorSpace allows you to generate standard reports that provide all necessary inspection records for any competent authority with a single click, 24/7.

Safety reporting by the numbers


Safety letters distributed annually


InvestigatorSpace users


Country regulations supported


Average reduction in site burden


Audibility and traceability

Streamline your safety reporting

WCG’s safety letter distribution sends notification of Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (SUSARs) in a globally compliant, centralized, and automated process.

Our precision safety reporting automatically pinpoints which stakeholders need to receive each safety document, eliminating overdistribution and keeping every study inspection ready 24/7. Eliminating duplicate and unnecessary reports through automation makes critical safety information easy to find.

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