About the Webinar Series

At the heart of every clinical trial are the real people whose lives are impacted by the results of the research conducted. Patients, Study Participants and Caregivers are all essential to drug development and WCG’s mission to improve lives by accelerating research, together.

In this multipart series, experts will discuss the value of building a participant-focused clinical trial program, share helpful strategies, and provide key insights from learned experiences.

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Series Schedule and Topics

Upcoming series parts will be announced soon- Stay tuned!

Account Group Circle

Part 1: Best Practices for Participant-Centered Recruitment

March 8, 2023
11am ET /
8am PM

Graph Line

Part 2: Understanding the Evolving Multi-Cultural Landscape and its Effect on Clinical Trial Participants

March 29, 2023
11am ET /
8am PT

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