WIRB-Copernicus Group to Host Biosafety Management Webinar to Help Improve Oversight of Research with Biological Materials

This session will propose practical solutions to real-world biosafety issues

PRINCETON, NJ, Oct. 30, 2015 – WIRB-Copernicus Group® (WCG™), the world’s largest
provider of regulatory and ethical review services and software to support clinical research, today
announced that it will be hosting a webinar, entitled: “Biosafety Program Oversight in 2015:
Managing New Challenges with Limited Resources,” from 3-4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 3. WCG
intends to continue the positive momentum generated during October, the National Institutes of
Health’s Biosafety Stewardship Month and the annual conference of the American Biological
Safety Association, International.

“Recent high-profile incidents involving the mishandling of smallpox virus, and anthrax and
plague bacteria have underscored the critical role that biosafety professionals play in
safeguarding bench research science along with clinical trial participants and their families,
researchers, and the local community,” said WCG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Donald A.
Deieso, PhD. “We are pleased to gather thought leaders on biosafety practices and exchange
knowledge of advanced biosafety training methods and standard operating procedures with other
industry professionals to enhance the quality of Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) reviews
and increase transparency in research with biological materials.”

“As basic sciences and clinical research continue to evolve at a rapid rate, biosafety oversight
programs are having to acquire additional areas of expertise. These increased oversight
requirements can strain already limited IBC and biosafety program resources,” said webinar host,
Chris Jenkins, PhD, MPH, RBP, CHMM, senior vice president of biosafety and gene therapy at
WCG Biosafety, a WCG division. “This webinar will address the latest challenges that biosafety
programs face and offer practical solutions to help overcome them,” he added.

The webinar presenters will be Marian Downing, RBP, CBSP, SM (NRCM), immediate past-president
of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), and Martha Schneerman, PhD,
CBSP, SM (NRCM), a member of the ABSA Credential Maintenance Board.

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Dr. Jenkins has also co-authored a white paper with Currien MacDonald, MD, CIP, Institutional
Review Board (IRB) Chair at Western IRB, a WCG company. The paper is entitled: “Best
Practices: The Necessary Integration of IRB and IBCs,” which the company is also making

Currently, there are no regulatory requirements governing the integration or coordination of IRB
and IBC reviews. However, if these processes are not well integrated, communication between
the committees will be impaired, potentially resulting in confusion or delays. It could even
necessitate a re-review by one or both committees. This paper seeks to demonstrate how, with a
change in perspective and effective management, the required dual review can create
opportunities to improve the quality of both reviews.

To request a copy of this white paper, please visit http://www.wcgclinical.com/practicesintegration-

About WIRB-Copernicus Group
WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG) is the world’s largest provider of regulatory and ethical solutions
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The pioneer of independent ethical oversight, WCG continues to drive progress in the clinical
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