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Clinical research is complicated. At WCG, we get questions about clinical research all the time— from researchers, from clinical team members at biopharma companies, from members of institutional IRBs. We know that for many of the questions we get, the person asking is not the only one struggling with that issue, so we’ve created our Ask the IRB Experts forum as a more immediate and informal way to share information across the clinical research community.

As the largest organization for the ethical and regulatory oversight of research, we see our role in the clinical research infrastructure as facilitating the conduct of scientifically rigorous, ethically conducted clinical research. We want this to be a resource that helps you to design and conduct that research. We look forward to working on this project together. To get started, please submit your question below.

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Submit questions to us on anything related to research ethics and research oversight including institutional review board operations, practice and regulations. Our experts, with decades of experience and a deep knowledge of regulations, ethics, and research best practices, will answer. We’ll post the questions (anonymized) and answers on our website.

Please note: protocol-specific questions for studies under the oversight of a WCG IRB should be submitted through your IRB contact person, not through this form.


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