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Jeffrey Borghoff: Finding Joy and Purpose after an Early-onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

About this episode:

At 51, Jeffrey Borghoff was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. What would devastate many people turned Borghoff into an advocate. The former software architect and developer is now a national spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Association and board member of the Greater New Jersey chapter.

In this podcast, he talks about how the diagnosis forced him to reprioritize his life. “I’ve been pretty successful at that. I’ve been leading a very purposeful, engaging, joyful life.” With his care partner—his wife, Kimberly—he travels around the country making the case for research funding—and for clinical trial participation. 

That’s critical because important Alzheimer’s trials focus on younger-onset AD patients. Unfortunately, many people who are beginning to show signs at a very young age want to deny they have the disease. They won’t go into trials or even get a diagnosis. His messages to them: This disease does not define who you are, and research is important.