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Prostate Cancer Survivor Bryce Olson’s Message: “Sequence Me!”

About this episode:

As a global strategist for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group, Bryce Olson had an up close view of innovation happening in the lab—especially in terms of genomic sequencing and gene therapy. As a man diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer at 44, he had as well an up close view of how that innovation was not being translated into the clinic. 

He was started on a one-size-fits-all standard of care. It didn’t work, and chemo made him ill. In this podcast episode, he talks about how he demanded—and received—DNA sequencing. That data led him to find the right trial and the right medicine for his type of prostate cancer.

He’s now a very vocal advocate of sequencing. Among other endeavors, he founded Sequence Me (, a patient-driven movement to accelerate access and adoption of new genomic sequencing innovations for cancer.