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Thomas Farrington, Cancer Survivor’s Prostate Health Education Network gets African American Communities talking about Prostate Cancer

In this podcast, Thomas Farrington, founder of the Prostate Education Health Network, speaks with WCG President of Patient Advocacy Steve Smith.

Mr. Farrington discusses his experience with the healthcare system, coupled with his own research on prostate cancer, which led him to become a vocal advocate for prostate cancer patients and survivors. His advocacy spans a wide range of approaches from educational seminars, a frequently-visited website, a theater production called Daddy’s Boy that is now on tour, and visits to legislators on Capitol Hill to help shape public policy for the benefit of people with this unmet medical need.

Mr. Farrington also serves as a trustee of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and as an advisor to a number of other healthcare organizations and programs, and he is on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s prostate cancer treatment guidelines panel and their prostate cancer early-detection guidelines panel.