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Striving for Reliability: Optimizing Patient-Reported Data through World-Class Design Management

About this episode:

Can patients be trained to report their symptoms more accurately? That’s one of the key topics discussed in Nat Katz’s and Art Morales’ interview with Linda Sullivan, MBA, Executive Director of WCG’s Metric Champion Consortium (MCC). Katz, the Chief Science Officer of WCG-Analgesic Solutions and Morales, Vice President, Technology Solutions at WCG, assert that, with proper design and implementation, you can structure clinical trials, such as pain management studies, so that patients learn how to better report their symptoms. With proper training, patients learn to accurately report their symptoms, resulting in more reliable data, according to Katz and Morales. During COVID-19, they add, sponsors have had the opportunity to examine ways to introduce new technologies, such as telehealth, to clinical trial operations and to use more science-based tools for evaluating the performance of clinical trials. COVID-19 also has accelerated the scientific evaluation of clinical sites by optimizing the analysis of patient data. 

From site selection to patient-centered interventions, learn how WCG’s integrated Endpoint Protection Solution can help sponsors cultivate clearer, more reliable data during the pandemic—and beyond.