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Dr. David Fajgenbaum, MD, Castleman’s Disease Survivor, Facing COVID-19 with Research, Action, and Hope

About this Podcast: 

In this COVID-19 focused episode, Dr. David Fajgenbaum chats with President of WCG Patient Advocacy, Steve Smith, to talk about his journey as a medical researcher and patient of a rare disease and about the pandemic facing our daily lives. Known for his best-selling book, Chasing My Cure: Turning Hope Into Action, Dr. Fajgenbaum shares best practices for how everyone facing this crisis can get through these scary and trying times together as a community via hope, prayer, action, humor, and the ability to create silver linings. 

Their discussion also highlights the importance of social distancing for patients with a compromised immune system during COVID-19, the fast-paced nature of research at Dr. Fajgenbaum’s institute, and the advantages of drug repurposing.

For more information on drug repurposing Dr. Fajgenbaum and his team are leading, please visit: