Webinar – Clinical Research Trends & Insights for 2023

About the Webinar In this webinar, WCG experts from a variety of areas talk about what they’re watching, expecting, and looking forward to in 2023. To read the full Trends & Insights report, click here. About the Speakers Cristin MacDonald VP Client Delivery, WCG Avoca Jill Johnston Chief Innovation Officer Kelly Fitzgerald IRB Executive Chair […]

Is That Heart Attack Really an Adverse Event?

Without the right independent expertise, sponsors launching obesity trials risk misidentifying adverse events (AE) and creating conflicts of interest. Independent experts can provide a more consistent evaluation of AEs, safety, etc. This helps ensure rigorous regulatory submission and eliminates any perception of conflict of interest. The Problem Sponsors with injectable diabetes therapies are now moving […]

The Future of Clinical Research Sites Series Finale: 2022 Year in Review & Look to 2023

2022 has been a year like no other, with more active trials than ever before, staffing shortages, and the introduction of many new technologies and site models, all while the effects of COVID still linger on the clinical research industry and our daily lives. Throughout 2022, thousands of clinical research professionals have joined us for […]

Research Billing Compliance Conference

Brought to you by the organizers of the leading Billing compliance event in the market for the past 15 years, this event provides research compliance and clinical billing executives the opportunity to learn and network amongst sponsors, vendors, researchers and experts with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism. After a few years of […]

AACI CRI 14th Annual Meeting | Association of American Cancer Institutes

The AACI Clinical Research Innovation (CRI) Annual Meeting is designed to support leaders of cancer center clinical trials offices as they work to improve the clinical research process. The health and safety of meeting attendees is of paramount importance. AACI continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and related public health guidelines.  We are currently […]

Sponsor Achieves Inspection Ready State in Less Than 8 Weeks Across 70+ Studies

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Sponsor Partners with Trifecta & Veeva for a more Complete, Inspection Ready State in < 8 Weeks Executive Summary Customer Top 10 Pharmaceutical Sponsor Scope Automated transfer of all investigator training records, certificates of attendance and supporting documentation from Trifecta InvestigatorSpace® to Veeva Vault locations. Timing Aggressive — Less than 8 weeks to deliver […]

Improve Training, Increase Participation, Reduce Redundancy, & Cut Costs: Why Virtual Site Training is the New Norm

The use of virtual training through web-based meetings existed long before COVID-19, but the pandemic made web-based on-demand training the new norm, particularly for clinical trials. This shift allows us to compare online site training to in-person training, and the results are dramatic. Based on our work with clients, WCG found that delivering on-demand training […]

What is a CQMS? And Why Do We Need Another Acronym?

As the clinical technology stack gets ever more complex and diverse in its offerings, one must not lose focus on the details. You can procure all the ‘best-in-class’ clinical technologies and still end up frustrated and wondering where the promise of simplicity and automation went. We’ve spoken to many successful colleagues and thought leaders across […]

Virtual Clinical Trial Training FAQs

The use of virtual training existed long before COVID-19, but the pandemic made web-based on-demand training a necessity. As on-demand training and virtual investigator meetings become more common, sites, sponsors and other stakeholders have many questions on the subject. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive on virtual clinical trial training: […]

Top 3 Ways to Take Your Live Clinical Investigator Meeting to the Next Level

As someone responsible for the success of an upcoming investigator meeting, many questions may be running through your mind. Among them, how to keep an advanced group of investigators and study teams engaged throughout the investigator meeting? Even more, how to help audiences retain critical information required to achieve study success and reduce the chance of misunderstanding? […]

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