Introducing IRB+

Premium Attention. Personalized Oversight. Accelerated Timelines.

Do you have a study that needs an extra level of premium attention, personalized oversight, and white glove service to ensure accelerated processing times without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the ethical review?

WCG’s IRB+ provides a fully-dedicated team, working 7-days per week, providing personalized oversight of your entire study throughout the entire operational process.

By reinventing the approach to document processing, we have been able to realize a 50% reduction in Turn Around Times. This premium service can shave months off your protocol review, leading to significantly faster site activation.

Reinventing Turn Around Times for IRB Review

A Dedicated Team

Studies submitted via IRB+ are backed by a dedicated team of 17 Operational Experts & 300+ Support Personnel.

7-Day Operational Workweek

WCG IRB+ operations teams work 12 hours per day, 7 days per week processing your documents to ensure the fastest timelines for your submission to be reviewed. We are working, even when you aren’t!

Save Time & Maintain Quality

Quicker reviews mean faster study starts. WCG’s IRB+ provides up to a 50% reduction in turnaround times. This can equate to months saved on site activation and study start up.

Stop waiting for your trial to start.

WCG has reinvented the IRB operational process to provide the fastest turnaround without sacrificing the sanctity of the ethical review. Experience the WCG difference starting with a free IRB+ review consultation. We’re here to help you streamline, alleviate, and accelerate.