Benchmarking & Analytics

WCG benchmarking and analytics services ensure you can more effectively sense and respond in an increasingly complex industry.

High stakes are a given in the pharmaceutical development business. So is high risk. The only thing that can mitigate those threats is intelligence—insights and hard data on threatening or promising trends and industry best practices,

That’s why WCG’s benchmarking and analytics services deliver the drug industry’s widest and most incisive intelligence on clinical trials.

Our intelligence services cover clinical trial performance standards and benchmarks, so you can make smarter strategic decisions.

Real-time metrics and benchmarking help you reduce uncertainty

KMR Group / Pharmaceutical Product Development Intelligence

WCG’s KMR Group helps pharmaceutical executives compare their product development processes, performance and cycles using data from 650,000 clinical study sites globally. Use KMR Group statistics to speed enrollment, select highest-performing sites, navigate CRO outsourcing, plus reduce trial expenses and study cycle times. Our Forums allow pharmaceutical executives to exchange R&D performance strategies, our clinical programs help clinical groups benchmark their performance, while our R&D General Metrics Study establishes standards for the biopharmaceutical industry.


MCC / Clinical Trial Benchmarking

WCG’s MCC (Metrics Champion Consortium) compiles metrics, derives benchmarks and assesses performance of clinical trials to helps pharmaceutical and medical device member companies set goals and standards for their product development.  By helping you understand how our industry is changing and how others are responding, you’re able create processes and strategies that move you more quickly and inexpensively to study launch, completion and product marketing. Our reports cover clinical site payments, site data entry, clinical development key performance indicators and risk management practices.


Unlock valuable insights for your clinical strategy

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