WCG ClinSphere™

Interoperable technology that accelerates clinical trials

WCG ClinSphere™ is a trailblazing approach for running clinical trials end to end. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the platform connects sites, sponsors, CROs, and participants in one unified cloud platform.

No data silos. No spreadsheets. No messy data. No multiple logins. One place to manage your trial efficiently from start to finish.

Built on the science of efficiency

The WCG ClinSphere platform architecture is underpinned by four tenants of efficiency:


Data from different point solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create smarter insights that are delivered to the right workflows at the right time.


Insights delivered across the clinical trial lifecycle that improve stakeholder collaboration between participants, sites, sponsors and CROs.


The power of vast data stores and deep analytics to make the connections necessary for faster clinical research.


Streamlined logistics, operations and processes throughout the clinical research journey.

A unified platform that connects and benefits all clinical trial stakeholders

Research Sponsors & CROs

  • Custom data-driven analysis, insights, and access.
  • Visibility and transparency across all sites.
  • Reduced operational complexity.

Research Sites

  • Reduced trial complexity.
  • Visibility and transparency across trials, patients and workloads.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Robust, purpose-built platform.

Research Participants

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Optimized participant experience
  • Ease of communication with study staff

Automation fueled by data intelligence

Our unsurpassed clinical dataset feeds into a federated AI learning model, enabling smart automation across the clinical trial lifecycle.

Actionable insights from 1M+ global study sites and 38,000+ sites
Real-time protocol risk management through historical data analysis
Geographic scope covering 120+ countries
Predictive analysis and machine learning to sift through patient records, claims and other data sets to find qualified trial participants
Therapeutic area depth with 400+ rare diseases
Data-driven site identification
Close Out

Not just automation of paper processes

We aren’t just digitizing paper processes, we’re reimagining them.

Real-time reporting capabilities

Access up-to-the-minute reports and insights to stay informed and make timely decisions.

Intuitive workflows

Simplify tasks and enhance accuracy with easy-to-understand workflows that guide you every step of the way.

Puts the patient at the center of the study

Facilitates long-term direct-to-patient engagement.

Unified data layer

Streamlines accuracy, consistency and completeness of data.

Explore ClinSphere Applications

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