Managed Research Solutions: Study Start-Up

Outmaneuver - Outpace - Outclass

What could your team do with more time?

Optimize your business model so you and your team can focus on what matters the most – the patient. By outsourcing key administrative functions and leveraging expert support, you speed study start-up by 37%.

What would faster study start-up mean to your PIs and patients?

Most sites have a backlog of studies, accounting for 80% of start-up delays. Principal investigators may have patients ready to enroll, but they’re waiting for a signed contract.

With WCG, you reduce turnaround time on coverage analysis, contract and budget while gaining administrative support to open the study and begin enrollment. You circumvent resource limitations and concerns about training, hiring and retaining staff. Your team concentrates on patient care. Support can be project-based or on-going as a centralized clinical trials office. It’s your research program, with our expert support.

WCG Start-Up Services include:

  • Budget development
  • Contract redline and negotiation
  • CTMS study build and financial milestones
5-7 day turnaround for initial study start-up deliverables
37% faster study start-up
90% of fees paid by the sponsor or CRO

Benefits of our Study Start-up Services

WCG has been a trusted partner in advancing clinical trial success for over 50 years. Our dedicated team and subject matter experts offer deep experience plus fresh insights to re-imagine your clinical trials.

Accelerate study start-up timelines

Start enrollment faster

Circumvent resource limitations and concerns about training and retaining staff

Get ready to re-imagine your research program and outpace the competition.

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