Patient Identification

Jump-start enrollment with focused, cost-efficient chart review

Industry research reveals that 18% of clinical trials have zero participants enrolled, 20-25% of studies close because of insufficient patients, and 68% of sites fail to meet enrollment targets. Such failures usually stem from shortages of staff or other resources needed to review thousands of patient charts and actively engage qualified participants.

The WCG Patient Identification solution allows you to overcome such obstacles by placing qualified healthcare professionals onsite, where they work exclusively and intensively to assess patient histories and discover candidates best suited to your clinical trial.

By freeing regular site staff to focus on study-related clinical tasks, our dedicated chart review team ensures that your trial begins rapidly and stays on schedule.

Finally, by employing highly experienced reviewers and a refined, efficient review method, our Patient Identification solution allows even the most challenging participant recruitment schedules to catch up or stay on pace.

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Put our dedicated team to work—so you never miss a qualified study participant

It’s no surprise that so many sponsors and CROs engage our Patient Identification experts to assist in finding—and enrolling—participants who fit study protocols. Our team methodically and diligently handles every aspect of Chart Review to ensure you don’t miss any qualified candidate.

  • Dispatch experienced patient-identification professionals to your sites within two weeks for rapid, determined review of electronic and paper-based charts.
  • Assess all patient histories to identify every protocol-eligible patient within site databases
  • Achieve full compliance with U.S. and international patient privacy laws
  • Capture all relevant patient data in our database, allowing real-time monitoring of the participant identification progress
  • Transition seamlessly from chart review and patient assessment to patient enrollment and patient retention services as needed

Our team has extensive chart review experience at hundreds of large and small sites across the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as capability in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

How Patient Identification achieves unparalleled results in fulfilling patient enrollment goals

Our team understands participant enrollment as no other company. Since 2006 we’ve developed a disciplined chart review and patient assessment methodology that has achieved an incomparable track record—especially in time-sensitive and other challenging recruitment situations.

Our approach is proven to accelerate enrollment timelines by 44% on average.

Above all, finding participants from within clinical trial sites is the most time- and cost-efficient way to meet enrollment goals. Our highly systematized approach to chart review allows us to identify qualified patients faster, with precise accuracy, and more cost-effectively than other in-house or outside resources.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer complete, end-to-end participant enrollment: from Chart Review and Study Marketing to identify your maximum pool of available participants, to fully staffed Patient Recruitment and Patient Management to ensure a high percentage of participants sign on and remain with your study until the last visit.

Find out how many months Patient Identification can cut from your enrollment timelines

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