Managed Research Solutions: Coverage Analysis

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What is your biggest challenge around billing compliance and study start-up timelines?

Complicated clinical trial billing rules. Changing pandemic conditions. Gain a team of coverage analysis experts to help you ensure billing compliance and shorten timelines. Leverage our experience providing study start-up services for 2,000 trials/year to avoid unknown risks, ensure accuracy and optimize your process. You’ll discover new tools to outmaneuver the competition.

See how we can decrease your study start-up timelines: SCHEDULE CONSULTATION

5-7 days Five to seven business day turnaround for initial study start-up deliverables
90% 90% of fees paid by the sponsor or CRO
2,000/yr Experienced team that supports coverage analysis for more than 2,000 trials per year
What if you could reduce staffing costs?

Partnering with WCG, you avoid the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining staff with an experienced “right-sized” team that ebbs and flows with your study volumes. Your team focuses on patients while we do the paperwork.

WCG Coverage Analysis provides:

  • Assistance navigating billing rules with documentation for study protocols
  • Coverage details that your coordinators and billing staff need for each trial
  • Determination on procedures and tests billable to insurance vs. the sponsor
  • 5-7 day turnaround for initial deliverables, with 90% of fees paid by the sponsor or CRO

Support can be project-based or ongoing, with WCG acting as your centralized clinical trials office. Our flexible approach enhances efficiency, quality and compliance. It’s your program, with our expert support.

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Savvy WCG clients are optimizing productivity and performance with:

Reduced improper billing that impacts your Medicare standing

Shortened cycle time for coverage analysis to enroll patients sooner

Assurance that the right payer covers protocol-required tests and procedures

Re-imagine Your Research Program. Outpace the Competition.

WCG has been a trusted partner in advancing clinical trial success for over 50 years. Our dedicated team and subject matter experts offer deep experience plus fresh insights to revolutionize clinical trials. Complete this form to get started.