About this Webinar

As more clinical trials starts are happening than ever before, many research sites find they are struggling to keep up with demand. Most specifically, sites have expressed they are experiencing a study start-up backlog because of coverage analysis and budgeting delays.

In part two of our “Future of Clinical Research Sites” webinar series, our speakers take a data dive into current market trends related to study start-up at sites and provide practical tips that sites can adopt for handling routine care challenges during the coverage analysis and budget negotiation process.

During this 45-minute webinar, our speakers:

  • Share a data-driven view of study start-up trends plaguing research sites
  • Highlight how coverage analysis impacts start-up activities and timelines
  • Walk through the impact that a complex coverage analysis has on the negotiation process
  • Offer best practice tips that sites can adopt to mitigate coverage analysis challenges and avoid study start-up delays

Meet the Speakers

Photo of Sandra Smith.

Sandra Smith, RN, MSN, AOCN

Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions & Strategic Partnerships, WCG

Bio photo of Suzanne Caruso

Suzanne Caruso

Senior Vice President, Insights and Analytics, WCG

Renee Rakvica, RN, BSN, OCN

Director of Research Site Services, McKesson/US Oncology Research

Amanda Miller

Manager, Quality and Development, WCG