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Velos eResearch is the most comprehensive and adaptable clinical research management suite (CRMS) available for automating all administrative, financial, and research activities.

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An integrated technology platform for optimizing your site research program

As clinical studies increase in complexity, it’s more challenging than ever to ensure efficiency and compliance, and that subjects are being treated in the most ethical manner possible. And, most research sites are concerned about the lack of visibility, duplicate effort, and financial control, as important information is often on spreadsheets or unconnected systems.

Unlike paper forms and spreadsheets, Velos eResearch has comprehensive, integrated functionality with a robust architecture that drives interoperability externally: creating an efficient and connected platform that promotes administrative and scientific excellence today, and positions clients with a strong and scalable platform for the future.

Velos eResearch is the trusted clinical research management software at over 2,000 research sites.

2,000 Trusted by more than 2,000 research sites.
25,000 Used to manage more than 25,000 studies.
500k More than 500,000 participants tracked.

How Velos eResearch will transform your trial management

Streamline research charge capture

At most research sites today, charge capture is performed at departmental levels and by individual investigators and their staff. The “systems” employed are various, and generally involve spreadsheets, paper systems, and a handful of diligent staff trying to keep track of what should and should not be billed.

While figures vary, some large research sites estimate that 5% to 10% of billable research revenue on industry-sponsored trials is lost simply for lack of billing or collection.

Many Velos customers can justify their Velos eResearch investment on billing and charge capture alone.

Improve research billing compliance

Research billing is tricky, with billing for standard of care generally occurring alongside research billing.

Most large medical research institutions do not have a systemic approach to address the risk of double-billing. The penalties are high, the embarrassment and reputational costs even higher.

With eResearch, you’ll accrue direct labor cost savings with upfront systemic identification of standard of care and research costs and automating aspects of billing systems reconciliation.

Easily integrate with more than 200 systems

One of the greatest strengths of the Velos system is its configurability and extensibility, which makes it the system of choice for research institutions looking to integrate with other software solutions. In addition to the many standard API integrations, there are multiple application extensions, plug-ins and other options that enable many opportunities for operational efficiencies.

Common integration uses include patient labs, demographics, scheduling systems, EHRs, IRB systems, and automatically uploading charge master data instead of manually looking up cost information for billing. Data with multiple uses can be entered in Velos and posted to the other system, and vice versa.

Improve the speed and quality of study creation and setup

Velos employs a library system comprised of structured content (such as charge master and caDSR) that supports core functionality such as creation of case report forms, patient schedules, budgets, etc. Once they are in place, the speed with which new studies can be set up improves significantly.

When you create a study, Velos eResearch uses these structured data sets and pre-populated content to reduce both the oversight required and the possibility of error.

Velos customers have demonstrated a five-fold increase in productivity after implementing Velos eResearch.

Dramatically reduce data entry errors

Velos reduces study data entry errors in multiple ways.

First, Velos enables creation of “smart forms” that identify values that are out of range, and validates fields necessary for particular studies, study arms, and encounters.

Second, by integrating with data source systems, Velos helps greatly reduce the amount of error-prone manual data entry.

Unleash the power of your data, while staying compliant

In addition to being CRF Part 11 and HIPAA compliant, Velos provides a robust security system that makes it easier to use data within security constraints. For instance, ad hoc queries inherit security rules so users only see data they are authorized to see. Similarly, consents for use of data like specimen data vary. Rules around such use can be incorporated in Velos eResearch so that such data is used compliantly.

In addition to the data use being compliant, the efficiency of compliant data use is much increased.

Comprehensive features for end-to-end clinical research management

Protocol Management

Compliance is complex, but the approval process can be simple:

  • Build online protocols
  • Ensure procedures follow protocol specifications
  • Easily manage consents, IRB reviews, regulatory documents
  • Manage multiple sites and receive data from across the globe
  • Set security and user permissions

Patient and Subject Management

Efficient patient management is doing the right thing at the right time:

  • Create interactive, detailed study and patient calendars
  • Track studies from approval to close-out
  • Streamline patient registry, scheduling, monitoring and follow-up
  • Record visits, get timely notifications, and reduce deviations

Study Patient Roster: A simple Study Patient Roster allows coordinators to manage multiple, most often-used functions related to study participants and their schedules all from one page. The convenient roster enables coordinators to view and manage patient schedules, switch patients, and add or link new participants or patients to a study.

Financial Management

Budgeting is telling your money where to go before it leaves your bank. With Velos eResearch, you can:

  • Check financial feasibility of each study
  • Ensure prompt, accurate invoicing
  • Reduce improper billing and get paid for each completed task
  • Track current revenue and forecast anticipated revenue

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Compliant EDC is a friend of quality data and an enemy of double entry. Velos provides:

  • Configurable case report forms
  • Robust data query engine and reusable library systems
  • Central repository for documentation and safety plans
  • Site and study statistics
  • Adverse event alerts and outcomes reporting



Velos, the industry’s most advanced reporting solution, turns your data into powerful insights:

  • 100 out-of-the-box reports
  • Unlimited ad-hoc queries
  • Improved information accuracy
  • Ability to effortlessly share reports with study teams, groups, and organizations

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With Velos eResearch product suite, University of Kansas developed an integrated ecosystem and increased its account receivables by 85 times.

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