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Clinical Trial Technologies for Sites: Building an Innovative Clinical Trial Technology Roadmap For Your Research Program

About the Webinar

The need for technological innovation to address common clinical trial challenges has been recognized within the industry, yet many breakthrough clinical trial technologies have yet to be widely adopted by sites due to the amount of resources needed for planning, time, cost, and lack of connectivity.

Discussions around technological innovation and its impact on clinical research sites have been happening for many years, but with hundreds of clinical trial technologies on the market, how can research sites know where to start to ensure they are building effective technology roadmaps and selecting the right platforms for their needs?

In part seven of our “Future of Clinical Research Sites” webinar series, our speakers:

  • Provide insights into the current state of the clinical trial technology landscape.
  • Share perspectives on how innovative clinical trial technologies can help relieve site burden.
  • Discuss how sites can build effective, connected, and innovative clinical trial technology roadmaps.
  • Share lessons learned from sites that implemented clinical trial technology within their site
  • Explore how different types of sites are thinking about the future of clinical trial technology.
  • Share tips for effectively bringing all of your technology stakeholders to the table when building your technology roadmaps.
  • Discuss how to prioritize which technology platforms are necessary for your research program based on your needs and goals.