Better data to guide better clinical operations decisions.

In an increasingly complex clinical trial landscape, sponsors can no longer rely on limited historical data to manage their clinical development program.

WCG’s benchmarking and analytics solutions are designed to help realize a company’s clinical performance potential by providing clinical teams with the analysis to benchmark their performance against the industry and the insights to assist them make better business decisions.

Whether setting realistic study start-up performance goals or selecting the best sites for their trial, WCG’s clinical programs are designed to meet the most pressing needs of clinical operations leaders today.

Guide smarter decisions with data from more than 650,000 study sites.

Reduce uncertainty with real-time metrics and benchmarking.

Collaborate with industry peers to elevate quality and align stakeholders.

Unlock valuable insights for your clinical strategy with our Benchmarking & Analytics solutions:

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Good Clinical Practice
Quality and Compliance

WCG Avoca Quality Consortium helps sponsors, CROs, sites, and clinical research providers build industry-leading quality management, inspection readiness, and effective oversight systems into their existing processes for a more compliant and efficient clinical trial process.

By joining the AQC, you’ll collaborate with more than 200 member pharma, biotech, site and CRO organizations in a progressive, pre-competitive environment with the shared objective of elevating quality and bringing key stakeholders in the clinical trials process into greater alignment.


Pharmaceutical Product Development Intelligence

WCG’s KMR Group helps pharmaceutical executives compare their product development processes, performance and cycles using data from 650,000 clinical study sites globally.

Use KMR Group statistics to speed enrollment, select highest-performing sites, navigate CRO outsourcing, plus reduce trial expenses and study cycle times. Our Forums allow pharmaceutical executives to exchange R&D performance strategies, our clinical programs help clinical groups benchmark their performance, while our R&D General Metrics Study establishes standards for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Unlock valuable insights for your clinical strategy

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