Meet or exceed your critical patient enrollment milestones

Leveraging our systematic approach and proven success in recruiting patients for clinical trials, WCG has solved some of the greatest enrollment challenges within the hardest-to-reach patient populations on behalf of our clients. In partnering with WCG, you will dramatically accelerate the enrollment performance of your study. With our Enrollment360 solution, you can expect predictable success through our unique, deliberate approach to finding the patients you need.

33% acceleration in enrollment timelines
5x improvement in enrollment rates with on-the-ground support
65% reduction in error rates for endpoints
How WCG solves tough patient enrollment challenges, fast.

The truth is, most clinical study enrollment delays are caused by a combination of several obstacles: among them, unqualified sites, staffing shortages, protocol design, lack of recruitment skill, consent obstacles and inadequate patient pool.

That’s why any attempt to accelerate enrollment using a single strategy is likely to fail. That’s also why WCG’s Enrollment360 Solution uses a holistic strategy, applying proven tools to bring your clinical study’s enrollment up to speed rapidly.

If your trial is facing an enrollment challenge today—or if you want to prevent “unexpected” delays for your next study—now is the time to engage WCG. Our Enrollment360 reduces average enrollment timelines by 33% across all therapeutic indications.

Five powerful services that drive your enrollment to target

Depending on the causes of your enrollment challenges, WCG applies a combination of efforts precisely targeted to obstacles and sites that are responsible for your enrollment shortfall—achieving an extraordinary record of accelerated enrollment.

Site Selection

WCG matches your study’s qualities against performance data on thousands of clinical sites—thus reducing risk and speeding enrollment.

Patient Identification

Our clinical study professionals use intensive, on-site chart review to quickly identify your sites’ full cohort of patient candidates.

Study Marketing

Our advanced media and messaging techniques are proven to rapidly and cost-efficiently swell the ranks of qualified patient candidates.

Patient Recruitment

Too many studies fall short after identifying patient candidates: Our driven recruitment specialists ensure you reach target enrollment.

Site Augmentation

Deploy our highly-trained clinical research professionals to support your study teams and mitigate site staffing shortages and constraints.

Data intelligence, smarter processes and greater focus ensure you enroll on time

Since 65% of clinical research sites fail to enroll their projected number of patients, it pays to analyze the obstacles before jumping to supposed solutions.

WCG’s unmatched Knowledge Base™ of site performance on more than 220,000 investigators in 120 countries ensures you select the most qualified sites to enroll patients for your study.

In addition, no other organization offers our ability to identify and attract qualified patients, then actively recruit them for your study—all in a seamless, integrated effort, faster and at a lower cost than any alternative.

Finally, our eConsent solution ensures that no patients are lost during the sensitive informed consent process. Indeed, our nurturing approach both increases your enrollment rate and fosters increased patient cooperation with your study.

Enrollment Acceleration Case Studies

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Client reaches enrollment goal 24 months earlier than if enrollment would have continued without WCG’s support.

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Enrollment for this 100-patient study had been underway for 10 months across 16 sites globally, yet only 20 patients had been enrolled. WCG patient identification and enrollment acceleration services increased enrollment rate by 5x. 

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Find out how many months Enrollment360 can cut from your enrollment timelines

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