Managed Research Solutions

Rising costs. Shifting resources. “New Normal” virtual settings. Critical challenges provide ample opportunity to re-imagine the traditional business model for clinical research.

More Patients. More Trials. More Time.

Motivated clinical research leaders want increased focus on patient care, faster study starts, more patient access to trials and better performance – while reducing costs and staffing burdens. Flexible solutions must enhance efficiency while ensuring quality and compliance.

Managed Research Solutions for Institutions and Health Systems

Managed Research Solutions for Independent Sites

37% faster study start timelines
39% enrollment increases
21% financial result improvements
WCG Managed Research Solutions is a suite of flexible services that optimize performance to solve the right challenge at the right time:

  • Outsource administrative tasks to increase your team’s time to focus on the patient. It’s your research program, with our expert support.
  • Decrease study start-up timelines to revolutionize your research site. Faster study start(s) and higher patient enrollment position you for the next trial opportunity.
  • Alleviate resource constraints and expand your team without the added cost burden of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining staff.
  • Improve communication and achieve transparency for your principal investigators needing updates on trial status to enroll their patients.
  • Implement best-in-class financial management to ensure you are paid for what you’re owed.
  • Stay competitive by advancing cutting-edge medicine that boosts your reputation and increases care options for patients.

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  • Clinical Research Coordinators and Nurses

    Optimize your resources with site augmentation solutions.

  • Study Start-Up

    Grow your research program and shorten your start-up.

  • Benchmarking & Analytics

    Increase growth and improve performance with a wealth of insights.

  • Independent Site Network

    Secure new study opportunities across all therapeutic areas.

  • Advisory & Training

    Improve performance and development with consulting and training services.

  • Technology

    Enable compliance and research management productivity.

  • Financial Management

    Better processes and implement consistent methods to build a healthy program.

  • Ethical Review

    Protect research participants with an experienced partner.

  • Study Advertising

    Increase patient enrollment.

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