Managed Research Solutions

Integrated Solutions Designed to Help Research Sites and Institutions Accelerate Start-up, Support More Trials, Enroll More Patients, and Improve Their Financial Results.


More Trials. More Patients. More Time.

Comprehensive, integrated solutions designed to help you optimize your research site throughout the entire clinical trial lifecycle and beyond.

By leveraging WCG’s expert-driven processes and cutting-edge technology, you can start your trials faster, enroll patients sooner, improve your financial results, and support more trials.

With our solutions, you can enhance the efficiency of your clinical research site and reduce the burden on your staff while increasing the care options for your patients and community.

It’s your research program, with our expert support.

37% faster study start-up timelines
44% increase in enrollment rates
21% improvement in financial results

Real Results from WCG Clients:

37% reduction in study start-up timelines

21% improvement in financial results

44% increase in patient enrollment rates

38% increase in the number of industry trial starts

29% increase in patient retention rates

25% increase in patient recruitment rates

Managed Research Solutions services include:

Research Professionals

Optimize your resources with flexible and scalable research professional support.

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Study Start-Up

Grow your research program and shorten your start-up.

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Benchmarking & Analytics

Increase growth and improve performance with a wealth of insights.

Study Identification

Secure new study opportunities across all therapeutic areas.

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Advisory & Training

Improve performance and development with consulting and training services.

Financial Management

Better processes and implement consistent methods to build a healthy program.

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Enable compliance and research management productivity with WCG Velos eResearch CRMS.

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Ethical Review

Protect research participants with an experienced partner.

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Study Advertising

Increase patient enrollment.

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