Oncology Solutions

Optimizing the modern Oncology clinical trial process

Expertise and innovation for navigating Oncology clinical trials

In an era of precision medicine, creating efficient development timelines for Oncology trials and finding the right patients for them has become increasingly difficult and cumbersome. Protocol designs now include genetic testing, which means that the logistical challenges ahead not only include identifying the right patients, but it also means selecting the right sites and investigators who can comprehensively focus on your study.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to capture critical data, measured insights, and predictive analytics for your study timeline.

Our expert services, direct access to leading oncology institutions, prestigious oncology advisory board, purpose-built technology, site-based recruitment resources, and industry-leading data intelligence meet every need at every phase of your study to accelerate timelines and optimize outcomes.

Why choose WCG for your Oncology study?

Access to an Oncology Advisory Board of leading experts.

Direct access to the leading Oncology Institutions increases Site focus on your study

Next Generation PRO Platform ensures scientifically valid data

Site-based recruitment resources and data entry accelerate enrollment milestones

Our clinically-developed PRO for Oncology studies

We applied our measurement science and patient reported outcomes expertise to the design of our eCOA/ePRO platform. Precision in design and edit checks ensure the accuracy, quality and integrity of the data collection.

Site-based services to accelerate Oncology study timelines

WCG provides global on-site services tailored to meet the challenges of patient recruitment for oncology studies, helping you meet or beat your enrollment timelines.

By augmenting existing site resources, you also assist busy oncology practices and sites with the higher data entry demands, increasing the speed and quality of study data entry.

Our experience includes international support for more than 40 oncology studies, with multi-specialty areas including liver, bladder, prostate, colorectal, bone, ocular and various solid and hematologic cancers.

Accelerate the performance of your oncology trial

Move your oncology study forward faster with expert guidance from top industry leaders, vital insights from the industry’s leading data intelligence platform, global on-site services, and more. Start your journey with WCG by scheduling a complimentary meeting with one of our oncology experts.