Oncology Study Services

Optimizing the modern Oncology clinical trial process

In an era of Precision Medicine, creating efficient development timelines for Oncology trials and finding the right patients for them has become increasingly difficult and cumbersome. Protocol designs now include genetic testing, which means that the logistical challenges ahead not only include identifying the right patients, but it also means selecting the right sites and investigators who can comprehensively focus on your study. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to capture critical data, measured insights, and predictive analytics for your study timeline.

Accelerate performance with site-based recruitment and data entry
Prestigious Oncology Advisory Board available to you
Deep insight into the Oncology market and site performance landscape

The most advanced Oncology study services solution in the Industry

Access to an Oncology Advisory Board of leading experts.

Oncology knowledge base guides strategic site selection and enrollment strategy.

Genetic Experts, Counselors and Data applied to your program

Direct access to the leading Oncology Institutions increases Site focus on your study

Site based recruitment resources and data entry accelerate enrollment milestones

Next Generation PRO Platform ensures scientifically valid data

Benefit from the expert guidance of the WCG Oncology Advisory Board

The WCG Oncology Advisory Board is made up of thought-leaders in cancer research who provide WCG and our clients with guidance and strategic counsel on the changing landscape of research in oncology.

James E. Rothman, PhD

Chairman, Cell Biology,
Yale Medical School

Recipient, Nobel Prize
in Medicine, 2013

Howard I. Scher, MD

Chief, Genitourinary Oncology Service, Sidney Kimmel Center for Urologic and Prostate Cancers at Memorial Sloan Kettering

John E. Niederhuber, MD

CEO, Inova Translational Medicine Institute

Former Director, National Cancer Institute

Amy B. Heimberger, MD

Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Co-leader, Glioblastoma Moon Shot

Arnold J. Levine, PhD

Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences

Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Biochemistry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center

George D. Demetri, MD

Director, Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center

Gain valuable insights for your Oncology studies from the industry's leading knowledge base

Uncover investigator study concentration

The WCG Knowledge Base can show you the number of open Oncology studies investigators are running. Knowing study concentration at the investigator level proves invaluable in planning and enrollment management, as many investigators have limited resources to effectively handle concurrent Cancer studies.

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Screenshot of WCG Siteview Report

Screenshot of WCG Siteview Report

See competitive landscape at each site

Many sponsors and CROs are unaware of the number of studies currently being executed at their selected sites. SiteView provides a cricital view into the competitive landscape at each site, letting you pro-actively adjust or augment your site selection to meet your enrollment goals and timelines.

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Find your best site matches

Match your development portfolio to the right sites based on investigator experience and performance using the WCG Knowledge Base.

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Screenshot of WCG Siteview Report

Expert genetics services and data, applied to every phase of your study.

Protocol Development

Our experts develop inclusion and exclusion criteria and provide other protocol design services that involve genetic components, such as planning and executing advisory board meetings with physicians to collect their feedback and increase their participation.

Patient Identification

We identify potentially eligible patients through outreach programs and InformedDNA’s internal patient database. Through our partnership with InformedDNA, we also offer individualized genetic counseling and screening appointments.

Patient Engagement

We aid patient support groups, foundations and organizations with patient support services by adding genetics experts to their care teams and by helping direct patients into genetic counseling and screening appointments.

Data Collection & Utilization

We collect the appropriate patient experience data and use it to build the patient input and clinical development plan documents that regulators require.

Site-based services to accelerate study timelines

WCG provides global on-site services tailored to meet the challenges of patient recruitment for oncology studies, helping you meet or beat your enrollment timelines.

By augmenting existing site resources, you also assist busy oncology practices and sites with the higher data entry demands, increasing the speed and quality of study data entry.

Our experience includes international support for more than 40 oncology studies, with multi-specialty areas including liver, bladder, prostate, colorectal, bone, ocular and various solid and hematologic cancers.

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WCG Clinical Research Coordinators
We place WCG Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) at your sites in North America, Latin America, Eastern/Western Europe, and the Middle East to accelerate enrollment in your oncology study

WCG Chart Review
Our oncology healthcare professionals are trained and qualified to systematically screen all complex oncology patient charts for specific study inclusion and exclusion criteria.

“Jumpstart” Oncology Data Entry
Our “Jumpstart” program ensures your sites gets a fast and high quality start to gathering and entering patient data into your study environment.

Meet Virgil, our clinically-developed patient reported outcome platform designed to support oncology studies

Industry Leading Scientific Measurement & Data Quality

Our measurement science and PRO expertise is applied to the design of the electronic versions of patient reported outcomes. Precision in design and edit checks ensure the accuracy, quality and integrity of the data collection.

A Complete Patient Engagement Solution

Patients are engaged throughout the study through messaging, availability of additional training, notifications of study visits, and study information. Real-time monitoring of patients is enabled by sites to view compliance, messages from patients, and patient status.

Rapid Setup and Easy Deployment

We leverage our proprietary form builder technology to enable views of the system as early as the kick-off meetings with sponsors, with completion of the system in only 4-6 weeks, quicker than any other PRO provider.

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