WCG provides the competitive edge to optimize clinical research sites.

Helping clinical research sites thrive in the changing landscape

Clinical research sponsors are using fewer research sites to conduct their clinical trials. How will your site remain highly ranked?

With the industry’s largest network of research sites, sponsors, and patient relationships, plus our unique set of clinical services, WCG’s SiteReady™ solution is helping research sites navigate their future with confidence and success.

95% WCG benchmarks performance data from 95% of industry-sponsored protocols.
33% WCG helps achieve target enrollment 33% faster
85% WCG partners with 85% of FDA regulated investigators

Giving you the edge in an increasingly changing and competitive environment:


Understand your Performance with WCG SiteView Reports

Our proprietary benchmark reports give you valuable insight into the performance of your site and investigators, as compared to your peer sites and investigators.

Optimize your Performance with Clinical Services Solutions 

Our data and expert consultants help you improve research operations and profitability, accelerate patient enrollment in your studies, and drive your investigator performance.

Join the Global Research Network to Increase Industry-Sponsored Research

WCG uses our extensive sponsor relationships to your advantage, helping you reach new sponsors and associated studies and market your investigators to drive demand.

WCG SiteView Reports

Get an accurate view of your research site’s current performance with a SiteView Report, built with WCG’s Knowledge Base of trusted data on 95% of all industry-sponsored protocols. You’ll learn how your research site compares to thousands of other research sites in these four areas:

  1. Study Growth Performance: Your site’s industry-sponsored growth compared to your direct competitors and the market
  2. Site Activation: How quickly your site moves from sponsor notification to being open for enrollment
  3. Enrollment Performance: Your investigators’ clinical trial performance as compared to their peers
  4. Quality and Compliance: Evaluation of quality based on deviations, data cleanliness, and error rates

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Optimize your research operations with WCG’s unique suite of clinical services:


Benchmarking & Improvement

We have developed gold-standard benchmarking data, metrics and advanced analytics into process improvement strategies, designed to help study sites pinpoint areas for increased efficiencies to improve their ranking against peers by 30%.

Research Management

Together, WCG’s research management software capabilities have achieved superiority in streamlining the IRB and clinical research management process, reducing costs, eliminating research errors, increasing process transparency and improving data reporting. Our solutions support more than 2,300 IRBs and 250,000 individual users.

Contracts & Budgets

Many organizations are frustrated by unnecessarily delayed global contract and budget negotiation timelines. Forward-thinking companies have reduced their clinical trial negotiating cycles by up to 40%, by leveraging our site relationships and legal expertise in over 60 countries.

Site-Based Recruitment Programs

Given that 85% of trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, WCG helps sites achieve their target enrollment 33% faster than average. Our more than 800 dedicated Enrollment Assistants have been a driving force for accelerating enrollment at more than 3,500 sites globally.

Study Acquisition Services

As part of our WCG network, we will help match you to key sponsors who are focused on the same Therapeutic Areas as your organization, providing you with access to more income-generating clinical trials. Your identity as a WCG SiteReady organization gives greater visibility to the pharmaceutical industry, thus adding to your bottom line.


iConnect is the industry’s first purpose-built Patient Recruitment Platform that empowers you to quickly configure, promote and track global patient recruitment programs in minutes. The iConnect solution has helped to drive more than 250,000 unique patients per month to the trials listed on

Technology that simplifies clinical research management

Velos eResearch

The WCG Velos eResearch application is a robust clinical trial management system (CTMS) that automates administrative, financial, and research activities.

Velos eResearch simplifies the management of your entire clinical research portfolio by linking study status, patient enrollment, calendars, budgets, electronic data capture and more.

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Screenshot of Velos eResearch.

Join the WCG Global Research Network™

Membership in the WCG Global Research Network™ provides access to sponsors and peer sites for collaboration and visibility. Through WCG’s unique relationship with sponsors, CROs, research sites, and patient advocacy groups, GRN member sites will also have access to roundtables with potential sponsors, exclusive webinars, MAGI meetings, Centerwatch, WCG Insights, and benchmarking data.


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Your opportunity for growth

chart demonstrating revenue growthOpportunity for growth is ahead, and we help organizations achieve this in two primary ways:

  1. Growing your top-line revenue by getting more studies into your site (as shown in the blue line). Over the past two years alone, the five largest institutions in our network experienced annual growth rates ranging from 6% to 16%.
  2. Simultaneously, we help you get more revenue out of your current studies by putting initiatives and processes in place that allow your organization to be more efficient (as shown in the turquoise lines).

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