What if you could revolutionize study start-up?

Most sponsors take eight months to activate sites. An average of 11% of selected sites never enroll a single patient and 37% under-enroll. About 89% of studies meet full enrollment only after doubling the enrollment period.

The traditional approach to study start-up takes too long and costs too much. Sponsors are left with lackluster results, having to play catch-up before even getting started. Imagine being able to reduce your overall study start-up timelines by as much as 35%, saving months on the front end of your clinical trials.

35% Reduce your overall study start-up timelines by 35%
30% Speed site enrollment by 30%
50% Cut site training costs by 50%
Know More. Move Faster, with Less Risk.

WCG offers a tailor-made set of services addressing the challenges and risks associated with study start-up, including false starts and delays. Data-driven insights and operational expertise define realistic enrollment rates, inform practical study plans and set risk mitigation strategies.

Clients find that WCG-identified sites enroll 30% faster, transforming patient recruitment and tracking to meet and beat FPI and LPI milestones. On-demand virtual training cuts site training costs in half.

Why guess when you can know?

WCG Study Fast Start sharpens study planning to include the details you need about your competitive landscape and potential enrollment hiccups. It then accelerates start-up – allowing you and your sites to maximize the number of patient enrollment days for trials and ensure that you meet or exceed original study milestones. The faster sites are activated, and the more quickly patient enrollment is maximized, the greater are the chances that your study won’t fall victim to the study delay statistics.

Leverage WCG Study Fast Start to:

Gain competitive intelligence with visibility into 90% of FDA-regulated clinical trials

Reduce overall study start-up timelines by as much as 35%

Cut site training costs by 50%

Speed site enrollment by 30%

Confirm 60% of sites in four weeks

Improve enrollment rates by 25%

Services Aligned to Rocket Your Study Start-Up

WCG delivers action through our bespoke study planning advisory services, super-targeted total site feasibility services, access to high-quality compliance support and just-in-time dynamic study training. Data-driven, actionable insights and proven expertise lead to a highly effective process that delivers faster FPI, better site engagement, more transparency for complete training compliance and mitigation of risk during the study planning phase. As a result, you’ll be positioned for study success and your next development outcome.

Discover how Study Fast Start can reduce your study timelines.

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