A strategic solution that's proven to speed study launches

It’s no surprise that the overwhelming majority of clinical trials experience significant delays. Clinical trials involve massive complexity and, often, systems that lack consistency and discipline. The WCG Study Fast-Start solution provides coordinated execution of six proven strategies that dramatically and consistently bring clinical studies to launch faster and at a lower cost.

33% acceleration in enrollment rates
25% faster engagement with clinical trial sites
30% sites enrolled faster than non-WCG sites
How WCG accelerates study cycles to provide your competitive advantage

Every clinical study sponsor strives to achieve the shortest possible study cycle.  Yet fully 80% of trials fall behind. The reason for delays and missed deadlines is rarely a single problem.

Study launches are nearly always inhibited by a constellation of variables: Sluggish IRB reviews, poor-performing sites, too few recruitment staff, too small a patient pool, inadequate enrollment skills, or insensitive informed consent.

To address the variety of obstacles that may inhibit your clinical trial, our Study Fast Start Solution identifies the key causes—or potential causes—likely to slow your study launch. We then recommend specific acceleration services to overcome each of your obstacles and put the study on a fast track.

If your trial is running behind—or you want to leap-frog delays for your next study—let us analyze your study and offer services that can reduce average launch times by 33% across all therapeutic indications.

Services aligned to rocket your study start-up

Based on the combination of factors that threaten your study’s rapid launch, we advise services that are precisely targeted to process obstacles and sites responsible for your enrollment shortfall—achieving an extraordinary record of accelerated enrollment.

Portfolio Optimization Strategy & Planning

WCG’s consultants use Knowledge Base™ data to help you select the optimal set of sites and investigators for your study.

Site Selection

WCG matches your study’s qualities against performance data on thousands of clinical sites—thus reducing risk and speeding enrollment.

Site Feasibility

Working with WCG means you engage and assess the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites—and accomplish it 25% faster or more.

IRB Review

As the world’s largest presence in ethical review, the WCG IRB Division offers perfected strategies to increase administrative efficiency, improve review quality, protect human subjects, and accelerate IRB approval.

Patient Recruitment

Too many studies fall short after identifying patient candidates: Our driven recruitment specialists ensure you reach target enrollment.

Technology that speeds site selection and startup

Site Feasibility Application

The WCG Site Feasibility Application drives efficient, site-friendly feasibility that results in faster study startup. The configurable application provides rapid development of clinical site surveys, more precise information results matched to your study, easier-to-answer surveys, and greater, faster cooperation from potential sites.

More importantly, this application permits close, step-by-step visibility of the entire qualification process, allowing you to manage and expedite it in real time.

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Screenshot of Site Feasibility Application

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Discover how many months Study Fast-Start can cut from your study timelines

If your trial is running behind, or you’re preparing for your next study, the WCG experts can review your study and recommend services that can reduce average launch times by 33%. Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG.