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Endpoint Adjudication: Best Approaches for Streamlining and Reducing Site Burden

About the Webinar

Endpoint Adjudication is a critical aspect of a clinical trial as it helps to lower the risk of variation in important clinical trial outcome events for submission to regulatory agencies. There are many players involved in endpoint adjudication, including Sponsors, Sites, Committee Members, and Service Providers. So, what are the best approaches for Endpoint Adjudication, and how can the process be streamlined to promote collaboration while reducing administrative and site burden?

In part nine of our “Future of Research Sites” webinar series, our speakers discuss:

  • The importance of timely and quality source documentation for streamlined Endpoint Adjudication and what to do when the data packet is inconsistent or incomplete
  • Careful considerations on how to work with sites and who should be interacting with the sites
  • The adjudicator’s perspective and how they determine if they have enough data to vote on a decision
  • How technology plays a role in helping streamline adjudication and administrative burden