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People, Process and Technology: The Right Combination for Successful Expert Committees

About this Episode:

Independent expert committees provide essential validation of clinical data. Without their insights, sponsors risk missed signals, conflicts of interest and costly delays. But establishing a successful expert committee can be tricky. It requires the right combination of people, process and technology. In this three-part podcast, Lakshmi Sundar, head of business transformation at WCG ACI Clinical, explores each of these with a WCG ACI expert.

In the first part of the series, Bill Stedman, manager of member services, shares his perspective on the “people” aspect. He discusses how success rests on having the right combination of expertise. Then, Dr. Bindi Shah, chief medical officer, explains how proper processes are critical to setting and running up expert committees. In the final part of the series, Mandy Moran, manager, innovation and technology, discusses how, when deployed correctly, technology supports the people and the process, allowing committee members do what they do best and do it efficiently.