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Diversity & Inclusion with Technology in Decentralized Trials

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The episode of WCG Talks Trials, hosted by Kelly Fitzgerald, Executive IRB Chair and Vice President of IBC Affairs at WCG, dives into the topic of diversity and inclusion with technology in decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). The episode explores the transformative opportunities that DCTs present for addressing diversity gaps in clinical research. The discussion features a panel of experts, including Otis Johnson, former Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Officer at Clario; Archana Sah, a seasoned clinical development leader with a focus on oncology and healthcare technology; and Ken McCann, a physician with a background in pediatrics and a keen interest in social determinants of health. The panelists share insights on how DCTs can improve accessibility, overcome barriers, and enhance representation in clinical trials, emphasizing the potential for these trials to be a game-changer in making clinical research more equitable and inclusive. 

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