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Complex Clinical Trial Protocol Designs: The Effect on Research Sites and the Role Central IRBs Play in Ensuring Quality

About the Webinar

Randomized controlled trials have historically been the “norm” for the clinical research industry when looking to demonstrate the efficacy of a new therapy or treatment. As the field grows and looks to become more efficient, make go/no-go decisions quicker, and minimize the time and burden for stakeholders, new study types are being designed. While the introduction of these new trial types provides immense promise, there are headwinds research personnel are facing that we must solve.

Join our speakers during this 45-minute discussion as they:

  • Outline emerging new trial design types and illustrate their utilization
  • Provide data and insights into the implications these new study designs bring to research sites, with a focus on rising protocol amendments and the need to retrain research staff
  • Share the site perspective: what one research site is dealing with after seeing an influx of new study types come their way, and how they’ve had to evolve their thinking
  • Showcase how organizations, like central IRBs, can help ensure quality and adherence to regulations during this time of change

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