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Oncology and CNS Research – Current Trends, Challenges, and Where We Go From Here

About the Webinar

In the first half of 2022, the two therapeutic areas with the most clinical trial starts were Oncology and CNS, coming in at 50% and 14% of all trial starts, respectively. Today, there are more enrollment and staffing challenges in these therapeutic areas than ever before, leading many stakeholders to seek new solutions.

As we look toward 2023, we continue to see many advances in Oncology and CNS research, and we are excited to bring together key stakeholders for a discussion about current trends, challenges, and the future of Oncology and CNS research.

  • In part 10 of our “Future of Research Sites” webinar series, our speakers discuss:
  • Current trends and challenges in Oncology and CNS research
  • How are sites responding to these trends and challenges
  • The future of Oncology and CNS research
  • AI in Oncology research
  • And more

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