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Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA


Dr. Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA, is a pioneering force in the pharmaceutical industry, boasting over two decades of impactful work in scientific research, clinical operations, analytics, and healthcare technology. Recognized as one of the Most Inspiring Leaders in the Pharmavoice 100 and honored for his contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by Mogul, Dr. Johnson is a champion of 'Trial Equity.' He leads as the Principal Consultant at Trial Equity, driving initiatives to ensure that no medicine is deemed safe and effective without diverse testing. With advisory roles at ACRO, ACRP, Wake Forest University, and the Healthcare Business Women's Association (HBA), Dr. Johnson collaborates to shape a future where clinical research is universally accessible. His commitment extends beyond professional realms, weaving personal anecdotes and global perspectives to offer insights that resonate with both the curious layman and seasoned professional.

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