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The Great Resignation: Its Impact on Clinical Research & Where We Go from Here

About the Webinar

The “Great Resignation” has dramatically impacted the clinical research space, and we know that staffing shortages can significantly slow down trial timelines and even negatively affect patients. In the long term, educational and certification programs can raise awareness of clinical trials and draw more people into the profession. But in the short term, clinical research sites and sponsors need strategies for running trials more efficiently and safely with limited staff and resources.

In part three of our “The Future of Clinical Research Sites” webinar series, our speakers:

  • Provide a market analysis of The Great Resignation, the growing clinical trial complexity, and how those headwinds are affecting clinical research progress
  • Share tips for how sponsors can engage with their sites from the very beginning to support the full patient journey
  • Underscore the importance of the role that people, process, and technology plays in combatting these issues
  • Share a case study on current enrollment challenges and discuss adaptable strategies that many sites have deployed to stay on top of enrollment

Meet the Speakers

Photo of Jamie Harper

Jamie Harper, MHA, CCRP

Director, Site Engagement & Relations, WCG

Jacqueline Arciniega, MPH

Senior Director, Research Development and Implementation. NYU Langone Health

Bio photo of Suzanne Caruso

Suzanne Caruso

Senior Vice President, Insights and Analytics, WCG

Photo of Sandra Smith.

Sandra Smith, RN, MSN, AOCN

Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions & Strategic Partnerships, WCG