How to Submit for IRB Review

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What happens when I submit my study?


Board Review

Once you’ve completed your submission, it will be checked for completeness and prepared for review by our AAHRPP-accredited board. These ethical review boards include specialized review boards for biosafety research, oncology research, and clinical pharmacology research.

  • WCG IRB’s review boards meet daily, up to 20 times per week.
  • WCG IRB staff will begin reviewing your submission within one business day.

Board Review Determination

Determination: Disapprove

The board issues a “disapprove” determination when the initial, continuing, or modification submission does not meet the criteria for approval and the IRB considers the research to have extensive deficiencies. When the IRB makes this determination, it will summarize its reasons and recommendations, if any.

When the Board makes a “disapprove” determination on a change in research, the change cannot be implemented. The Board expects the research will continue as previously approved.

You may request reconsideration of a “disapprove” determination and provide additional information to the board for consideration. The investigator may appear before the Board in person or via teleconference, if desired.

Determination: Defer

The board issues a “defer” determination when the criteria for approval have not been met based on the information provided. The Board will request further information in order to make a determination. Learn more about a “defer” determination and your next steps here.

Determination: Conditionally Approve

The board issues this determination when your initial, continuing, or modification submission will meet the criteria for approval with minor or prescriptive changes or requirements.

You’ll receive written notification of the conditions promptly after the review.
Once you submit the requested information, your submission will be re-reviewed.
When the re-review is complete and all information is confirmed, you will receive your approval documents.

Important! The study, change in research, or other submitted material is not approved until we confirm that any/all of the condition(s) are satisfied. You are not authorized to begin research-related activities until you receive final approval documents.

Determination: Approve

The board issues an “approve” determination when your initial, continuing, or modification submission meets the criteria for approval.

When the approval is based on board-required consent form modifications, we’ll provide a finalized consent form with the required modifications.

We’ll usually communicate approval with a Certificate of Action (COA).


Outcome Documentation

Once your study has been reviewed, we’ll prepare and send the outcome documents to you and all designated contacts (in WCG IRB Connexus or WCG IRBNet), including:

  • Certificate of Action (this will convey the Board’s action as well as any special Board determinations, requirements, or other necessary information).
  • Copy of the Board-approved consent form (when applicable), ready for use.
  • Description of the changes to the consent form (depending on the type and extent of the Board’s changes).
  • Explanatory notices relevant to the review.

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