Study Planning & Site Optimization

Insight-driven services to rapidly identify, initiate, and train the best-fit sites for your study.

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Set up your clinical study sites for success and speed your time to market

Some 80% of clinical studies run behind schedule, which can dramatically increase costs and decrease product competitiveness.

WCG Study Planning & Site Optimization gives you a suite of six services you can apply to dramatically accelerate clinical study start-up and completion globally, as well unburden your internal resources.

In nearly every case, these acceleration strategies also reduce complexity, lower costs, drive higher quality study results, and provide a faster path to enrollment.

3 days Site selection complete in three days with predictive analytics
50% increase in feasibility response rate
35% reduction in site contracting cycle time

A best-in-class suite of services designed to speed study start-up, reduce cost, improve data quality, and ensure compliance

Study & Site Planning

Benchmarking & Analytics

Leverage leading-edge data, products, and services in the form of reports and on-line tools to inform your clinical development investment and operations strategy.

Fast Initiation

Site Feasibility

Engage and assess the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites—and accomplish more than 25% faster.

Study Collaboration

Site Training

Launch fully-automated, 24/7 online site training solutions that significantly cut complexity, time and expense while ensuring full compliance.

Site Selection

Match your study’s therapeutic approach and protocols precisely to site and investigator performance track records, reducing site identification from the 8-10-week industry average to as quickly as three days.

Site Coverage Analysis

Our research administration experts partner with your team to accelerate study start-up and ensure billing compliance.


Simplify the management of your entire clinical research portfolio by linking study status, patient enrollment, calendars, budgets, electronic data capture and more.

Technology that speeds your site selection and study management

Site Feasibility Application

The WCG Site Feasibility Application drives efficient, site-friendly feasibility that results in faster study startup. The configurable application provides rapid development of clinical site surveys, more precise information results matched to your study, easier-to-answer surveys, and greater, faster cooperation from potential sites.

More importantly, this application permits close, step-by-step visibility of the entire qualification process, allowing you to manage and expedite it in real time.

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Screenshot of Site Feasibility Application

Screenshot of Velos eResearch.

Velos eResearch

The WCG Velos eResearch application is a robust clinical trial management system (CTMS) that automates administrative, financial, and research activities.

Velos eResearch simplifies the management of your entire clinical research portfolio by linking study status, patient enrollment, calendars, budgets, electronic data capture and more.

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Only WCG provides a seamless, end-to-end path to accelerated site activation


No other service provider offers sponsors and CROs a more focused or integrated portfolio of services dedicated to speeding clinical trial launches. 

Our ability to speed site activation measurably—as well as reduce costs and improve the quality of study results—stems from our unmatched experience, proprietary Knowledge Base and highly-evolved technologies.

When you engage any of our Study Planning & Site Optimization services, you take advantage of our unmatched connections to all major sponsors and CROs. You also have access to our data on more than 36,000 (of about 40,000) FDA regulated PIs in the U.S., thousands of clinical trial contracts and budgets worldwide, and study performance on 2,700 research institutions in North America.

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Case Study

Merck identified sites for participation within three days. Previously, this process took eight to ten weeks.

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Benchmark site performance for your study

Interested to see how the investigators in your current or planned studies match up against the historic performance of all available investigators for the therapeutic area of the study?

Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG. We’ll share benchmark data from the WCG Knowledge Base, analyze your results, and share some of the common practices of top performers.