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Neither you nor the patients you serve have time to wait: you need a partner that shares your sense of urgency. WCG’s Biotech Solutions team provides the expert guidance that will allow you to achieve critical milestones and meet aggressive timelines. This reduces costs and increasing the likelihood of study success.

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Safeguarding Your Precious Assets Demands Expertise

Protocols are increasingly complex, we face new challenges in engaging key stakeholders – and time and expertise are our most precious resources in study planning and execution.

Extend those resources with the agility, depth, and dedication of the WCG Biotech Solutions team.

“WCG provides tailored solutions to complex problems made possible by its agile and readily-available team of experts. Their solutions are elegant in in their simplicity, but powerful in in their results.”
– Vice President, North America Clinical Operations, Biotech Organization



An Advisory Focused on Action

Unlike consultants who focus only on thought leadership, our experts are focused on partnership and action, and we’re with you for the duration of your asset’s development.

We’ve assessed the critical inflection points most likely to derail, postpone or enhance quality outcomes, and that’s exactly where we focus – as partners to emerging life sciences companies and their CRO partners:

  • Protocol optimization to maximize asset success and differentiation
  • Focus on endpoint protection
  • Predictive trial planning to ensure efficient start-up with sites and investigators
  • Effective training and engagement for sites and patients
  • Endpoint adjudication and DMCs
  • Safety communications management

How WCG’s Biotech Solutions Team Advances & Protects Your Study

When you partner with WCG, we apply uncommon dedication and clinical expertise across six key areas to develop strategies for the most efficient study execution and maximal realization of your asset journey and value. We seamlessly deploy the right combination of resources according to your timing and budget requirements.

Clinical Development Planning

Our experts will work with you to assess and further augment your clinical development planning strategies to ensure the protocol is rooted in deep operational, scientific and regulatory rigor. That working partnership ultimately supports trial integrity, risk mitigation and overall patient safety.

Protocol Development

Our expert teams work collaboratively to improve the quality of study design, identify appropriate endpoints, reduce the frequency of protocol amendments, and enhance the validity and quality of your research.

Predictive Trial Optimization

Leveraging unmatched industry insights from our WCG Knowledge Base, we recommend best-fit sites to streamline study start-up and minimize the days to full enrollment across all therapeutic areas and study types.

Site Training & Safety

Deliver unmatched depth in tracking, analyzing, delivering and investigating adverse events and their related safety letter reports by recommending the design and processes needed to achieve extraordinary levels of vigilance and reliability.

Patient Engagement

Streamline study processes by providing research sites with the necessary resources for screening, enrolling, treating, and retaining patients through the use of experienced, onsite and remote clinical research professionals.

Endpoint Adjudication & Biostatistical Monitoring

Our tailored, evidence-based interventions mitigate the risks of bias, variability and human error in clinical trials. Because these practices can be deployed throughout the trial, we assist in identifying and preventing problems in real-time for continuous study improvement.

Always Work with the A-Team

WCG’s Biotech Solutions team is made up of thought-leaders in clinical research who provide our clients with guidance and strategic counsel.

Lindsay McNair, MD, MPH, MSB

Chief Medical Officer

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Janet Wittes, PhD

Founder & President
WCG Statistics Collaborative

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Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA, FACC

Chief Scientific Officer, WCG

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Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS

Chief Science Officer
WCG Analgesic Solutions

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Ros Cheetham

Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions & Strategic Partnerships

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Peter DiBiaso

Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions & Strategic Partnerships

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Photo of Bob Dagher.

Bob Dagher, MD

Chief Medical Officer
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

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WCG Biotech Solutions: 80% of Critical Milestones Are Missed By Emerging Biotech Companies

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