Secure high-stakes biopharma research with a connected partner

Small biopharma companies conduct more than half of all clinical studies today, yet such research usually suffers from lack of scale. Most providers of study services focus on larger projects—and massive budgets—even as emerging biotech firms strive to accomplish miracles on tight funding. WCG’s Emerging Biopharma solution offers a unique path to study success for nascent biotechnology enterprises: partnership with a renowned clinical study leader that thrives on high stakes, speed and agility… and the challenge of lean resources.

25% increase in identifying & engaging qualified sites
50% reduction in contracting cycle times
2,700+ deep relationships with institutions
WCG sets global standards for biopharma clinical study performance

meeting at emerging biopharma officeWCG connects emerging biopharma firms to a worldwide network of research institutions and support services that guarantee rapid research cycles—backed by unmatched scientific expertise in study protocols and processes.

Our company maintains relationships with more than 2,700 institutions, commands the largest KnowledgeBase of pharmaceutical research performance, and has established peak industry standards for time to study completion.

When you partner with us, you also acquire our world-class expertise in expediting IRB reviews, site selection and contract completion, patient recruitment and enrollment, as well as study safety and outcome reliability.

An estimated 80% of clinical trials fall behind schedule, but we offer the capability to ensure that your research is the exception.

How WCG’s Emerging Biopharma services speed your study to fruition

When you partner with us, we apply uncommon dedication and clinical expertise to develop strategies for the fastest possible completion of your study and realization of your asset value. We seamlessly deploy the right combination of resources according to your timing and budget requirements.

IRB Review

As the world’s largest presence in ethical review, the WCG IRB Division offers perfected strategies to increase administrative efficiency, improve review quality, protect human subjects, and accelerate IRB approval.

Site Selection

WCG matches your study’s qualities against performance data on thousands of clinical sites—thus reducing risk and speeding enrollment.

Site Feasibility

Working with WCG means you engage and assess the world’s most highly qualified clinical trial sites—and accomplish it 25% faster or more.

Site Contracting

Our service uses expert legal prowess, plus our vast Knowledge Base™ of global contracts to cut trial negotiating cycles by up to 50%.

Patient Identification

Our clinical study professionals use intensive, on-site chart review to quickly identify your sites’ full cohort of patient candidates.

Document Exchange

WCG expedites document flow and tracking to help clinical trials start faster and smoother—and create an impeccable audit record.

Site Training

We provide a fully automated, online training solution that significantly cuts complexity, time and expense while it ensures full compliance.


WCG’s database of site and investigator performance, as well as clinical study metrics, help ensure your trial proceeds apace to fastest standards.

Study Marketing

Our advanced media and messaging techniques are proven to rapidly and cost-efficiently swell the ranks of qualified patient candidates.

Patient Recruitment

Too many studies fall short after identifying patient candidates: Our driven recruitment specialists ensure you reach target enrollment.

Global Safety Compliance

We have experience with hundreds of clinical trials and regulations in 110 countries, and can ensure compliance and superior signal detection.

Let’s discuss your research goals

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