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Our eCOA/ePRO Platform has substantial benefits for sponsors and CROs, as it reduces administrative burden, mitigates cost, and speeds trials. Such a system shows strong results with fewer errors and discrepancies, improved data quality, clearer signals, and standardized, accurate studies.

Clinical Assessments & Validation

WCG offers comprehensive clinical, cognitive, and functional endpoints and assessments through our network of leading scale authors, test publishers, and copyright holders. We even provide remote administration of assessments for hybrid and decentralized studies.

Placebo Response Reduction Training

WCG’s Placebo Response Reduction program provides a psychoeducational approach to training monitors, staff and subjects. This encourages neutral expectations from subjects and reduce measurement error, which leads to more successful trials.

Rater Training

Our Rater Training services mitigate the risks of bias, variability, and human error in your trials by leveraging a powerful combination of scientific services and technology. This helps sponsors improve the quality of data collected throughout the study—from screening to baseline to endpoint.

Translation & Cultural Adaptation

Our in-house linguists, subject matter experts, scientists, clinicians, regulators, and software developers provide seamless solutions for your cultural and language adaptions – meeting tight timelines, obtaining accurate scientific translations, and meeting project budgets.

Study Insight Analytics

Throughout the course of a trial, our Study Insight Analytics monitor selected metrics that identify statistically significant and clinically relevant aberrant signals in real time. The project team can then swiftly address threats even while the trial is running and blinded.

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