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Better Together: How to Strengthen Sponsor and Site Partnerships – A Panel Discussion

About the Webinar

Clinical trial starts are at an all-time high, and as trials continue to grow in complexity and number, the need to develop better collaboration and communication between sponsors and sites to overcome key industry challenges is evident. But what do effective relationships between sites and sponsors really look like, and how can these relationships be built and maintained?

In part eight of our “Future of Research Sites” webinar series, we are excited to bring together representatives from research sites and sponsors to share their experiences and perspectives on how sites and sponsors can improve their relationships, boost collaboration, and drive innovation in research.

During this 45-minute webinar our speakers:

  • Share a market analysis of the site and sponsor landscape.
  • Provide real-world insights on how to build and maintain good sponsor/site relationships.
  • Discuss the needs of both sites and sponsors in the shifting clinical trial landscape.
  • Share perspectives on how research sites and sponsors can collaborate to drive innovation.
  • Offer innovative solutions that research sites and sponsors are implementing to overcome challenges.