Infographic: Endpoint Adjudication Committee Rescue Solutions

When Your Trial is Struggling… Trust the Best Successfully conducted Endpoint Adjudication Committees add precision to endpoint reporting in clinical trials. However, adjudication processes can add a level of complexity into trial conduct that is best managed by teams with expertise in the space. Many sponsors face challenges around their Adjudication committees but cannot necessarily […]

Endpoint Adjudication: Best Approaches for Streamlining and Reducing Site Burden

About the Webinar Endpoint Adjudication is a critical aspect of a clinical trial as it helps to lower the risk of variation in important clinical trial outcome events for submission to regulatory agencies. There are many players involved in endpoint adjudication, including Sponsors, Sites, Committee Members, and Service Providers. So, what are the best approaches […]

New Applications, New Use Cases: The Expanding Need for Endpoint Adjudication

Endpoint adjudication is nothing new. Sponsors often turn to endpoint adjudication committees (EACs) for large, complex studies, but they aren’t limited to large trials anymore. Many other factors need to be considered when determining the need for an adjudication committee. In recent years, we’ve seen a growing trend to leverage EACs in new ways. The […]

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