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The WCG Institute curates actionable insights on the clinical research industry from our research Fellows and the WCG Knowledge Base.


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An Overview of the Recent SACHRP Recommendations Around Payments in Clinical Research

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The State of Clinical Trials in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Dr. Scott Hunter

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Get Under the Hood While the Trial is Running: Identify and Rectify Data Problems Before it’s Too Late

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Data Insight of the Month

Percent of trials using outside expert committees on the rise

“…Increased trial complexity will likely result in the use of more adjudication committees. Trial outcomes are less ‘black and white’; so it’s harder to determine what to do in the event of a safety event…”
– Director of Clinical Operations, Non-Profit

Learn how to optimize your use of expert committees

About the WCG Institute

The WCG Institute was founded to advance clinical research. We do this by un-gating the perspectives and data insights of the WCG experts and Knowledge Base.

Our expert team of Fellows draw on deep industry knowledge and decades of experience and from working with—and for—the leading companies and institutions in clinical research. Meet our Experts

Our perspectives are informed by the WCG Knowledge Base: our proprietary decision engine with trusted data on 95% of all industry-sponsored protocols and associated study details. Explore the Knowledge Base

Meet the Fellows of the WCG Institute

Our expert team of Fellows empowers you with timely and impactful perspectives based on deep industry knowledge and decades of experience from working with forward-thinking clients.

Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA, FACC

Chief Scientific Officer,
WCG ACI Clinical

Lindsay McNair, MD, MPH, MSB

Chief Medical Officer, WCG

Mark G. A. Opler, PhD, MPH

Chief Research Officer,
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase


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