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A Market Analysis of What Life is Like Now for Sites

About this Webinar

The COVID-19 environment has impacted the future of clinical research, and arguably no one has experienced a series of highs and lows like investigative sites have. We’ve seen themes emerge like: The Great Resignation, a gulf between experienced and inexperienced research staff, a hybrid or fully remote trial environment, and a lack of patient participation and diversity… to name a few.

That’s why we’ve created our webinar series: “The Future of Clinical Research Sites.”

As we face the headwinds of 2022, running clinical research comes with new considerations for managing site resources, implementing new technologies and operating models, and finding new financial and logistical workflows. To bring positive change, the industry must quickly problem solve and support our site partners. In order to evaluate and analyze the clinical research landscape, we must begin this series with baseline data, knowledge, and understanding of what life is like at sites today.

During this session, our speakers:

  • Provide an overview of clinical trial market trends
  • Evaluate and share insights on the impact COVID trials continue to have on research sites
  • Discuss how increased trial starts plus growing protocol complexity is adding to the mix of complications
  • Reveal insights from the Q1 2022 WCG Site Survey
  • Offer innovative solutions that sites are implementing to overcome industry challenges
  • Consider if decentralized trials are making an impact on the clinical trial landscape at sites