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WCG’s streamlined, Single Review Solution (SRS) process accelerates study launches

While you have many choices in the way you conduct IRB reviews, no other organization can help you increase administrative efficiency, improve review quality, protect human subjects, and accelerate IRB approval like WCG.

We have more IRB experience and stronger sponsor and research institution relationships than any similar organization. We developed a solid reputation for excellence that began in 1968 when we pioneered independent research oversight and continue as we refine the IRB process today. We have acquired more IRB experience and relationships with sponsors and research institutions than any other organization.  Today we rank as the largest global presence in the ethical review field.

Driven by the industry’s most sophisticated technology platforms—MyConnexus and IRBNet—our mastery of study reviews translate to a smoother, faster, and less expensive path for sponsors and CROs.  Similarly, institutions benefit from a process adapted to suit their precise operational needs and automated to streamline reviews.

WCG’s vast IRB relationships increase your pace… and site satisfaction 

We are the only service that maintains 16 accredited panels, more than 200 experienced board members, and trusted partnerships with more than 2,700 institutions.  That allows us to assemble knowledgeable, more productive boards faster than any other service.

Sponsors, CROs, and institutions choose to work with us because we conduct safe, smooth IRB processes that harmonize with their internal operations and cultural values.

WCG’s Single Review Solution (SRS) is 100% compliant with National Institutes of Health (NIH) requirements, closely coordinating IRB submissions with investigators and local IRBs. While traditional IRB approval can take four to six months, our SRS approach typically shortens that to eight days.

WCG’s unmatched IRB experience and industry collaborations ensure trusted, ethical reviews

We have reviewed more than 200,000 protocols spanning nearly every conceivable therapeutic area. Three standing IRB panels in our WCG Oncology division ensure that we offer extraordinary expertise. Annually, we review more than 10,000 protocols. The quality of WCG’s IRB reviews is affirmed by error rates consistently less than 1%.

Sponsors partner with us for several reasons, including our affiliations with thousands of investigators and institutions, which allows smoother, more productive collaborations.

Institutions value their relationships with WCG which helps establish them as high-quality, reliable sites and lead to increased research engagements. In fact, the five largest institutions in the WCG Global Research Network have experienced annual growth rates of 6-16%.

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