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WCG’s New Seizure eDiary Optimizes Data Collection and Simplifies the Participant Experience

Princeton, NJ – November 29, 2022 – WCG, the world’s leading provider of solutions that measurably improve the quality and efficiency of clinical research, today launched a new Electronic Seizure Diary (eDiary), which is used to help patients with seizure disorders and their caregivers self-monitor and manage their seizures. WCG is one of two providers selected to develop an eDiary by The Epilepsy Study Consortium.

Designed for both patients and caregivers, and developed by WCG’s scientific and neurological experts, the new Seizure eDiary is a user-friendly, screen-based alternative to paper, allowing users to easily log seizures, track medications and appointments, and receive customized content on their condition. The eDiary also provides primary investigators with visibility into a participant’s seizure counts when not in clinic. The Seizure eDiary is a key component of WCG’s eCOA solution.

“In late phase trials, sponsors need to collect large amounts of data directly from study participants,” said Terri Moench, President, WCG Research Solutions. “This new eDiary, delivered via a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology, improves endpoint-data quality and reduces study participant burden as participants record their information more quickly and accurately. Through this initiative, we’re rethinking how technology can be leveraged to advance how we view seizure disorder syndrome tracking and treatment more broadly. We want to progress our understanding of how such a tool can be applied to other rare disease areas to support study participants, caregivers, and their healthcare providers in making more informed healthcare decisions based on real-life situations.”

“We’re pleased to partner with WCG on this important initiative,” said Bree DiVentura, MBA, Executive Director, The Epilepsy Study Consortium. “The development of this eDiary aligns with our mission to help patients manage their condition to live a more productive life. Moreover, it ensures that healthcare providers have the latest data in hand in advance of each study participant’s visit, allowing for more effective discussions with participants about what they are experiencing at home.”

“Helping patients overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy is an integral part of our mission,” continued Jacqueline French, M.D., President of The Epilepsy Study Consortium. “A new seizure eDiary optimized for clinical trials will help us accelerate the development of new therapies in epilepsy and improve patient care. The personal eDiary puts patients and caregivers in control of their information and helps keep an accurate account of seizures.”

About the Epilepsy Study Consortium

The Epilepsy Study Consortium (TESC) is a group of scientific investigators from academic medical research centers who are dedicated to accelerating the development of new therapies in epilepsy to improve patient care. The organization’s goals include building a partnership between academics, industry and regulatory agencies and optimizing clinical trial methodology in order to responsibly speed new treatments to patients. Visit to learn more.

About WCG

WCG is a global leader of solutions that measurably improve and accelerate clinical research. Biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, contract research organizations (CROs), research institutions, and sites partner with us for our unmatched expertise, data intelligence, and purpose-built technology to make informed decisions and optimize study outcomes, while maintaining the highest standards of human participant protection. WCG raises the bar by pioneering new concepts, reimagining processes, fostering compliance and safety, and empowering those who perform clinical trials to accelerate the delivery of medical therapies and devices that improve lives. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn or X @WCGClinical.